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Welcome to Travel Plus

Travel Plus is not just an online store. We are a community of travel enthusiasts, adventurers, and animal lovers who comprehend the thrill and obstacles of globetrotting. Our passion for making travel effortless and pleasurable drives us to carefully select and offer a diverse range of high-quality suitcases, TSA-approved locks, travel-friendly essentials, and pet carriers, catering to the needs of every globetrotter. Our journey started with a simple aim to be the ultimate partner for wanderers, delivering top-notch and inventive travel solutions that ignite unforgettable escapades. Being fellow travelers ourselves, we understand the significance of the right luggage and travel accessories, be it breezing through airport security or ensuring your furry companion‘s comfort on the road.

Our Vision

At Travel Plus, we strive to redefine the meaning of luxury travel by providing unparalleled comfort, convenience, and style through our carefully curated selection of premium luggage products, TSA-approved locks, airport-friendly essentials, and pet carriers.

Our Mission

At Travel Plus, we believe that every traveler should have the opportunity to explore the world with confidence and ease, and our mission is to make that possible by providing a wide range of high-quality travel products and exceptional service.

Fueling our journey with your valuable feedback!

Our commitment to providing top-notch travel solutions is exemplified through our dedication to incorporating your feedback and recommendations into every step of our journey, ensuring that each experience with Travel Plus is truly exceptional.

Kiara R.
My new TSA-approved luggage from Travel Plus is simply fantastic - durable, fashionable, and the ultimate travel companion!
Mark C.
I am thrilled with the pet carrier I purchased from Travel Plus for my furry companion - it's top-notch in terms of quality and comfort.
Filip K.
I highly recommend Travel Plus customer service for their outstanding support and assistance in finding the perfect luggage set for my family.
Trusted Travel Buddy